September 14, 2009

S60 Internet Radio Player for s60v5 phones.

I recently posted Mobbler, which allows you to play free streaming radio from

However, if you are more of a shoutcast fan or would like to listen to your own streams - S60 Internet Radio Player is the app for you!

You will need to edit the shoutcast.pls file located in E:\Shoutcast\ to add or remove streams.

Download here (Mediafire) or here (Uploading).


  1. great i donwload it from uploading, for you!

  2. Thank,
    i`m going try it,
    I hope, can now listen to (.pls) internet radio white this player.

    many thanks for you support !!!

    Best regards,

    DJ-KOI® (The Netherlands)

  3. It doesn't work, Cerificate has expired

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  5. Editing shoutcast.pls, is an excellent trick! It solved my radiosai problem on my 5230.It is awesome!! Thanks for the trick ! Cheers.

  6. It doesn't work, Cerificate has expired, help me please!

  7. hi, just change date to year 2009 it will work, I had this programe on my old nokia n95 and it work fine, also this one work fine, thanks I was searching for this program for 3 month and by a chance find it today Im so happy :)