September 18, 2009

Opera Mini 5 Beta Browser- Absolutely awesome!

So I've been testing out this new Opera mini 5 beta browser for the past couple of days and it's just amazing!

Comparing it to the native Symbian browser is a waste of time because Opera beats it in all aspects. Take a look below at the features I found most useful:
  1. Visualized saved bookmarks on the Home page like in Google Chrome.
  2. Multi tabbed browsing, with no hindrance in performance with open tabs.
  3. Uses it's own keyboard, which is so easy to use compared to the mini qwerty in symbian. In the video I am using my fingers to type and as you can see it's very fast and effective.
  4. Fast scrolling and browsing.
  5. I am sure there's more but I haven't probably discovered them!
Take a look at the preview video.

Download here.