September 8, 2009

NaviMachine, a Compass app for Nokia 5800.

Now I was seriously bummed out when I found out that the Nokia N97 had a built-in compass and the Nokia 5800 didn't.

Thankfully, some smart developer has come up with this useful app for us Nokia 5800 users.
To use, just point towards the sun and it will show you the bearings. I agree it's not the coolest of apps, but if lost in the jungles this app sure would be useful.

Download here.


  1. what if it's night? or clody? :)

  2. @Anonymous You point it through them... if it is cloudy you just aim to a probable place...

    aif it's night you point to the sun (to the ground, because the sun is on the other side of the earth)


  3. Just piece of shit !!

  4. then point to the moon

  5. yeah ... cause its so difficult to memorise the directions with respect to the sun.

    how could any simple human ever memorise 4 things.

    you'd need an IQ of 5 which obviously the maker of this app doesn't have.