September 21, 2009

MazeScrawl - free tracing puzzle game for Nokia 5800 & Nokia N97.

MazeScrawl is developed by Klonom, who is responsible for various apps like TouchoFarto, Battery Manager, Bubble Wrapper to name a few.

This is a game where the objective is to touch-trace your way from the yellow start position to the red end position without touching any of the walls. It`s a fun and challenging game, so Kudos to the developer.

Download here.


  1. kool game...thanks for sharing

  2. Nice game, just needs to vibrate when you lose a life and also maybe sound a buzzer and its ready for prime time.


  3. I really like these kind of games I've been searching for these game in other sites. It is a pity that my mobile is broken I have to wait until they can fix it.