August 12, 2009

Transport Tycoon for Nokia 5800 & Nokia N97!!

For those who haven't played this game, this was by far one of the most challenging and amazing games created back in the 90's. I believe it was originally created to run on DOS (which was what I played it on) then was ported to Windows.

Eventually, came out Open TTD an open source free version of the game which improved upon the game graphics and AI. And now it's finally here to be run on the Symbian OS.

Follow these steps to get the game up & running on your phone:
  1. Download and unzip the file to your desktop (Kind off obvious, I know)
  2. Copy all the .sis and .sisx to your phone and start installing them, the order doesn't matter.
  3. Finally copy data.rar to your phone and place it in E:\openttd\data\ directory.
  4. Run the game and go to Advanced Setting>Interface>Interaction>Left-click scrolling and make it to green /on.
  5. Enjoy!!
Download here.


  1. Amazing game! Thanks for sharing it!
    I would like to know the title of the song in background, anyone can help me?

  2. Hey, Thanks for sharing your opinions here.

    The name of the song used in the video is:
    Arno Cost - Cyan (Original Mix).

  3. Thank you, but GOD theres many popups in awful :S

  4. I am not a big fan of Ziddu either. It's only because it helps me keep a track of downloads through my site.

    If anyone has a better suggestion for a file hosting site, please let me know and I'll switch my links over to that site.

  5. Hi! I really love this game! but... :( i can't make sound the music!! I have copied the folder "gm" but the music still does not plays!