August 9, 2009

Nokia Sports Tracker for Nokia 5800, Nokia N97 & Nokia 5530

Hey folks,

This is by far one of my favorite applications for the Nokia 5800 and I rate it a 10/10.

It allows you to use your phone as a GPS tracker and cacher for your workout activities.

In the video you will see a brief demonstration of the app, then a clip of an exported workout to Google Earth and lastly the the workout uploaded to Nokia's Sport Tracker website.

Download here.


  1. What's the song in the video?

  2. Hey,

    The song is called Space and Time by 009 Sound System.

  3. the 5530 doesn't have a GPS

  4. The app can run on the 5530, and be used with an external gps module even though it doesnt have an inbuilt gps

  5. my 5800 can´t search GPS .. and dosn´t connect :(

    what´s wrong? PLEAS HELP!