February 14, 2010

Slide IT Beta keyboard for Nokia Touchscreen phones.

So I've been testing out this new "keyboard" app on the Nokia 5800 for awhile and so far I'm fairly impressed with it.
Basically it's a new method to type on your phone, instead of clicking/tapping individual letters, just keep on sliding your finger/stylus till you cover all the letters of the word.
Check out the video below for a quick demonstration.

To download you will have to go to the developer's site here and input your name, email and IMEI. They will then send you the application to try.


  1. "Trajectory overflow" with the french work "anticonstitutionnellement" :)

  2. s/work/word

  3. sending my IMEI to an isreal-based company?! thanks, but no thanks :)

  4. Got now the full version from the OVI


  5. I went from iPhone to Android specifically for Swype, but SlideIt is even better. The word picker bar is excellent, and the ability to switch to a standard keyboard on the fly is very helpful when you are type passwords with complex characters. I Love IT!

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