January 27, 2010

DayHand Input - Add/Change default keyboard on S60v5 phones!

Look at the pictures for the app's capabilities and functionality. The last 2 images also show you how to switch between different keyboard skins, however I personally love the Opera Keyboard interface. Another neat feature is that the keyboard automatically switches to the larger one once the phone is rotated to the landscape mode.

Do not miss out on testing this app. It's absolutely amazing.

Download here.

Note: The app is not signed, so you will have to sign it yourself using you're own cert/key.


  1. thanks man..gonna try it on vivaz!

  2. how to certificate him??

  3. Sweet app:) I can finally use the small qwerty keyboard without missing the letters all the time. Really love the tap-and-drag function:)

    Cheers mate:)

  4. Does anybody know how to translate it to english???

    Its a great app by the way, a perfect replacement for the default keyboard.

    Though I havent been able to use predictive texting in "abc" mode =(

  5. Hi, when I tried to install, it state that: Error, The app is built in.
    Why and how do I install it??

  6. I have Chinnese phone and the is so difficult can write because the key word is so strange , my phone is the best one but has this disadvantange ,so I have been thinking on change it.

  7. hey thanks man! i have been searching for this app to work and in your site this app works!!! thanx a lot a man

  8. Where the 5800 does score a major point over the iPhone, though, is in its support of Flash